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FCC High-Band Spectrum NPRM a Partial Loss for Satellite, Unlicensed, Win for Carriers

The FCC offered details on rules opening high-frequency bands for 5G, scheduled for a vote at its July 14 meeting. The FCC said in a fact sheet that the order adds a huge amount of spectrum to what's … Subscribe to Read >>

Wheeler to Meet With 'All the Players' on Set-Top Box Compromise

His office will “sit down with all the players” this week to discuss the pay-TV backed compromise set-top proposal (see 1606160059), Chairman Tom Wheeler said Friday at a news conference after commissioners' meeting. The commission needs to understand … Subscribe to Read >>

FCC Proposes To Speed Approval of Foreign Investments in Communications Companies

The FCC approved 5-0 to launch a rulemaking to speed up Team Telecom review of international companies' buys of U.S. licensees. In a key change from an NTIA proposal, the NPRM, as expected (see 1606150019), proposes time … Subscribe to Read >>

Details Emerge on Wheeler's IP Transition Draft Order

Details emerged Friday on a draft FCC order to move along telcos' IP transition, in interviews and comments from GOP commissioners, including some concerns. The FCC plans to take a series of further actions to facilitate next-generation networks, Chairman … Subscribe to Read >>

Brexit Seen Forcing New Talks on Personal Data Flows, Jeopardizing Investment

Britain's decision to leave the EU will mean renegotiating trans-Atlantic data flows and information technology trading agreements, among other things, and could jeopardize U.S. investment in the country, commentators here in the U.K. and abroad said Friday. Trading in … Subscribe to Read >>

FCC OKs 3-2 Undersea Cable Outage Reporting Duties

The FCC adopted an order to require undersea cable licensees to report many outages on lines that connect the U.S. mainland to Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. territories and other countries. Approved at Friday's meeting by a 3-2 vote with … Subscribe to Read >>

ICANN Stakeholders to Pivot Back to Domain Names Policy Focus in Helsinki Meeting

ICANN stakeholders are set to pivot away from planning the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) transition and back to substantive work on long-delayed domain names policy issues, during a meeting this week in Helsinki, stakeholders said in interviews … Subscribe to Read >>

Congress Must Resolve Encryption Issue, but Some FCBA Panelists Skeptical

Congress should pass legislation to help law enforcement gain access to locked devices and encrypted data during investigations without endangering other people's privacy and security, several panelists said at an FCBA event Thursday evening. They were mixed on … Subscribe to Read >>

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FCC Backers See Net Neutrality Appeal as Uphill; Some Disagree, Cite Chevron

Opponents of the FCC net neutrality order face an uphill appellate battle, commission supporters told us Wednesday. A day earlier, a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit upheld the order that reclassified broadband as a Title II telecom service under the Communications Act (see 1606140023). The stakeholders doubted a potential appeal to the Supreme Court would be successful and were even more dubious about the prospects of an en banc appeal to the D.C. Circuit, adding to appellate skepticism expressed by others on both sides of the battle Tuesday (see 1606140040). … Read More >>

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